Come back,will you ?

From Magpie Tales

desires blossom
seeds of not so random thoughts
grow deep in my head

It was dream, now I know. But I wish I had not been smiling about it still. Friends adorning the flashing images like jewels in a king’s crown. But does my life looks any brighter ?  Isn’t it obvious I was thinking of you subconsciously ? Laughing with a childhood friend on a silly joke , teaching how to make tea for another , meeting two of them for lunch , and suddenly finding myself alone in bed. The dream was still on i assume since i was not in my own bed. I do not want to think about the feeling of being in his bed – he who swore to never return.

pain flows,relished
in the bitter taste of tears
painted in my dreams

Isn’t it foolish to have my joys at mercy of other’s presence. Or is it a valid human behaviour to miss the people we care for. Only if some one cared enough to notice that. I pick each dream and replace the people in them with one from my present. The ones whose thought make me smile – not as good as the dream but at least i know it’s for real.



Written for Magpie Tales , 3WW , Sensational haiku Wednesday , Monday Writing prompt

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0 thoughts on “Come back,will you ?”

  1. What a fantastic read…loved the concept…fleshing out dreams with real (if inferior) substitutes to make them real. Might have to give that a try! well done. Vb

  2. I think we all, at one time or other, want what our dreams can’t give us but in your thoughts you give hope to what no longer can be but still can be in your heart.

  3. Had to come and read your haibun for Victoria’s symbolism of dreams challenge. Very well done–your questions to yourself are so authentic and I like the fact that you replace your dream characters with real people in your life. Maybe not a bad idea!

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