Cooked memories

You love your eggs half-cooked and you never ceased to remind me of that fact. Every breakfast of mine including eggs will ensure we have this very conversation ending when I would invite you for breakfast at my place and promise to make it according to your taste. Though you never came, I do practice making half-cooked eggs – perfect enough for me to nibble the corners and leave the rest for you to finish out of my hands.

shadows resonate
the tears one try to suppress;
silence showers pain.



Finally i managed to write a haibun as prompted by Victoria here.  Ideas for the post from Magpie Tales [image] , Haiku heights , Sensational Haiku Wednesday

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0 thoughts on “Cooked memories”

  1. Wow I love the nostalgia in this one 🙂

    And lovely haiku…I did the same picture prompt but with a mush theme 🙂

    btw when u free a bit do read my long bday post 🙂

  2. Deep in thought. Sometimes, it helps me to let the first tear fall slowly releasing the pain. Takes time, a process, and a journey. Find, myself, that sharing feelings, especially with others, helps heal the hurt. Each word heard and struck a chord. Thank you for evoking inner feelings. Thoughtfilled post!

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