For once,
Admit to yourself,
Love had no meaning
Lack of hate it was,
Interested we were,
Neutralizing insecurities,
Good idea ? Maybe Never.


"Afloat" (source unknown)


From loving “WE”,to
Losing “OUR” self,for
Others’ thoughts;
Attracted to sinking darkness
Tired of searching reason,
I rest in laps of evil,
Nothing to lose any more,
Giving up on you, I float.


Prompted @ BTP [ Write about a bad idea , write about floating ] , PAD [ write about falling ]

Also submitted to Poets United [ Monsters]

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0 thoughts on “Falling-Floating”

  1. Well time ot move on, and yes we in life do find such people all the time around us.

    and it takes afges before we find the right one and when they come then we think what took you so long


  2. “Lack of hate it was…” Nimue, a sad but all-too-true take on what we mistake for love sometimes. It’s still fun to fall in love, but staying there -when you start to feel like you’re treading water in Jell-O, it’s time to let go, right? Lovely work. Amy

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