I fly

Balloon of my dreams,
heavy with expectations,
can not put me down.
No!Not any more.
Into the sunlit clouds
I fly, maybe not high,
I still sing aloud.

Prompted @ One shoot SundaySunday 160



Today as part of Spotlight, i searched the archives of a friend’s blog and found this :

Spilled Ink

by iBeingMe


I remember every word

That you told me was assured

I recall that night

When I reclaimed all my might

I have everything to gain

I’ll be more than just a name

It’s time to spill the ink

Allow your words to sink

On this paper in front of me

Because your thoughts are my new enemy



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0 thoughts on “I fly”

  1. nicely played on the 1SW prompt and to pull it off in 160…like the play on a balloon too that weighs you down, dreams can do that…keep us stuck in one place…

  2. Nice work! Perhaps the opposite of what I did. She reprimands the balloon upon taking flight! Love the element of realism among the escape in mentioning expectations.

  3. “Balloon of my dreams,
    heavy with expectations”

    i love the way you used your words in this one. really excellent take on the photograph and so much said in 160. really, really wonderful! ♥

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