Introduce her

“It’s not that I’m trying to keep it a secret. It’s not clandestine—not exactly.”
“Then please explain what exactly is it, my dear”, dad said stressing each word while writing another letter,maybe to his publisher.
“I wanted to introduce her to you,but not like this”, I said befuddled at being caught red handed.
“Then how?” he looked straight at me.
“After I was done developing her a bit more,I would have come to you myself”
“You already did a good job, son” he said handing me back the manuscript of my first novel.

Prompted by Victoria’s Monday Writing Prompt
Also submitted to Sunday Scribbling

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0 thoughts on “Introduce her”

  1. Lots of swirls and loops..a magical piece of flash..of course I assumed it was a girl talking..and about those tricky relationship issues..shows you should never assume..nicely done..Jae 🙂

  2. I’d rather not introduce my writings to my father till they’re published itself 😉 but then again, not all fathers are like mine 😀 nicely done flash fiction, Nimue!

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