Queer ways

why not pay attention
to words, deeds and intention;
rather than his ways;

Rather than her ways
that may appear so queer to you
do you know better ?

Written for Sensational Haiku Wednesday.

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0 thoughts on “Queer ways”

  1. There exists an eternal conflict between words and deeds. It will prevail, rather must prevail for human characterization!

    Good thought, though!

  2. very true, in most of the cases we should be thinking like you think. the only exception is most probably amorous love, in that case well…

  3. Setting an intention has been so important in my life. Manifesting positive self-fulfilling prophecy’s mixed with a little prayer. Have seen miracles happen. Yes, words and deeds both are voluminous and send important messages. All the best for this upcoming week.

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