I still remember well
when I saw him last;
the paper brown dress
and the matching cap.
bundles of folded paper
some colored some bland
delivering all to right place
yet never seen empty hand.
“where is my letter sir”
I never failed to ask
“no one wrote to you dear”
he said and he had a laugh.
So when I was able to spell
I promptly set myself to task
and wrote a one-liner to me
to give to him next time he passed.
He never came that day or next
i forgot of him and the mail
and now I we no longer see them
since people learned of emails.

Written for PAD challenge day 4 , Sunday Scribbling , Poetry Potluck

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0 thoughts on “Postman”

  1. once postman was integral part of lives. They are replaced by emails and quick messaging systems. But sometimes waiting for something was exciting too.

  2. A letter is a real gift isn’t it (and the messenger should treat it as so..and always be kind)…maybe that ‘one-liner’ will find it’s way back to you..hope so..Jae

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