Visit by mother

Do you think
am going to be
visiting you
once you are married,

same question
different scene
yet amusing smiles
my mother and i.

you fight so much
like am your dughter,
she goes on-
i bundle up in laughter.

well i guess i will come
even if just to see
how you manage a family
without yelling like this.

that settles it for now
and even for ever
like every time we argue
and laugh about it together.

hello people.. Hows you ! I so miss reading your blogs and even catchng up with you. I am good but guess the bed rest doesn’t suit me. Hope to be back on monday. Take cre. And happy easter ! Have a good weekend,

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0 thoughts on “Visit by mother”

  1. Lovely poem.
    good to hear you will be back soon… dont hurry though let it heal properly .. and Take care
    happy easter and have a great weekend I got four days off yayyyyy

  2. This is my first time to your site. Love what you are doing here. This one reminds me so of my mother when she was still here, gone now, but never forgotten.

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