Deserving Pain #55fiction

Do you deserve love from others ?
Why should I not ? I do not ask any way.
Youย went through your share of painย .
I never said so.
You too are the reasonย of some pain.
To myself you mean ?
Maybe not.
The words had no voice to provoke me; nor could my silence console my soul.

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0 thoughts on “Deserving Pain #55fiction”

  1. if i am not wrong its a conversation with self, assuming that i will say “truth” remains truth, spoken or unspoken- a truthful heart is always peaceful (almost).

  2. fun word play.

    everyone deserves love, even if one may not feel it.

    you are SUPER talented lady,
    we all love who you are.
    love you, for sure.

    Happy Mother’s Day to Moms around you. Blessings..

  3. Lady N…
    You deserve Love, Respect, and our Thanks for sharing your fantastic heart with us.
    You are a wonderful writer, and you have a wonderful soul.
    Loved your 55.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

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