For Friends

<3 you
Even silence talks so much with you
with you around , My smiles are framed to my face..
except if am reading 😛

The other night when i cried over the phone , well i never imagined myself saying these words to you .. it was a surprise to me to to admit

I miss you so very much every day
.. and i know you never will ...
and neither am letting you go ..
Without you, I would be so lost ...
The (almost) daily calls are very much awaited and appreciated. #fyi 😀
today and forever...
Today and forever...
sooper dooper glad !

and now that you have seen and read this post,

Call right now !!!!

Originally written for a very dear friend , making it public to extend my love for some of you awesome friends i earned here 🙂

Spread the love, spread the word ..

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