Make it Big

“Make it big”
how many times
had she said this
for her life;
and more times
she heard others
talk the same
about her art;
But can she ever ?
People loved her
and so her work
or maybe vice versa
but did any one know
who she was,
seperate from
her work of art;
Did any one realize
what made her excel
in art but not life;
what dreams she broke
to paint her words,
what words she lost
to create false dreams;
with head in clouds
and feet on thorns,
burdens of reality
tied with flowers
of a different future;
she could make it
she would have maybe
if only she was not aware
of the price it cost
to lose yourself
in making true art
and the debts one bear
to alienate from
the glittering fame.


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0 thoughts on “Make it Big”

  1. Although there is always a price to pay…the real cost is what it does to who you really are that must be factored in…indeed a bit of sad poem.

  2. “what dreams she broke
    to paint her words,”

    “..the price it cost
    to lose yourself
    in making true art..”

    +1 to that.
    My feelings beautifully re echoed.

  3. superb verse.

    very stunning message/imagery.

    broken life gives birth to outstanding artists,…..admirable artists may live sad lives…Glad to see you convey the multiple sides of artists’ lives.

  4. This is a world of give and take…whatever is given, it will be taken… (I don’t know if I make sense…but I hope I do) 🙂

  5. Wonderful write – the architecture and flow was well designed. The message a beautiful depiction of the torment artist can go through. Great write ~ Rose

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