0 thoughts on “Mind’s fog”

  1. Your words are so concise. I think, I am just enamored at your talent. I actually see a picture from these lines.
    No explaining talent–just enjoy

    xiexie wode xin peng you
    Jaye—lol you understand?

      1. That is a very thoughtful thing to say. You already know I think of you as a muse for my work. No kidding!

        Jaye—bแบกn lร  ngฦฐแปi bแบกn tuyแป‡t vแปi cแปงa tรดi
        I finally know how to use the viet tonal keyboard…I’m showing off

        love to you

  2. What freedom your words bring to me. Very resourceful and full of emotive language. Lovely! p.s. Good luck with the foot – dealing with some podiatric issues myself.

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