you think
alone keeps us
close ?

Poetry form : Lanterne : 5 – line poetry in shape of japanese lantern and having syllable count as 1-2-3-4-1 , each line able to stand on its own with or without a title. (Wiki link)

Prompted @ May Challenge by Ava [Day 5] , May2011 Int’l 5 lines poetry Month , Poets Rally
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Thanks to any and all who nominated me for this special [ very special to me in fact ] award. Apologies for putting up this late since I missed the rally ’cause of being offline.

Words never fail you

they desert me in your favour

i still write for you

I nominate further for this award :

C Rose

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0 thoughts on “Technology”

  1. Well technology is there to be used to stay in touch, it depends on us wether to use it that way.. inspite of all this people still dont get time to call or keep in touch with loved ones.. 🙂

    congrats on the award..


  2. My friend:
    Your words are small in number, but large in content. It is the eternal question, first asked when someone discovered fire.

    Love your work and design of craft.

    I enjoy poetry much more after discovering your sight

  3. My friend:

    Your work is short on words and long on content.
    It asks the question first asked after someone discovered fire.

    I love your creations


  4. Technology can certainly help keep us together, such as soldiers being able to communicate with their families, but I do miss the intimacy of handwritten letters. Texts drive me crazy!

  5. Sometimes it makes us closer, but in my deepest moments, I hazard to say that it only makes us all lonelier and puts us on different planets from one another, giving us the excuse not to look each other in the face.

    Excellent question.


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