spontaneous ideas
skid to halt;incensed dreams
dampen fear of loss


Written for 3WW , Sensational Haiku Wednesday


corrupted power
heal yourself by love


Written for May Challenge by Ava [Day 18] , May2011 Int’l 5 lines poetry Month , Haiku Heights [heal]

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  1. I also liked them both. Is there a style of Haiku that uses five lines or is it called something else? I need to study the different poetry forms as it was so many years ago that I studied that and never read or wrote poetry after that. But I am enjoying learning about it here. Hugs, pat

  2. You never disappoint, Nimue. The 2nd one, especially, struck me as I see so much corruption in the political arena here in my country. It saddens me so much that these people abuse the power entrusted to them.

  3. Sometimes I get stuck, writer’s block, and thoughts don’t come. Glad it hasn’t happened recently. “Incensed dreams” – Like the use of senses here!

  4. fear of loss whould never stop one ot go for the DREAMS …
    thats why they say when the going gets tough the tough get going …

  5. Powerful pieces, both, regardless the form or what they are called.

    Love and power and corruption. Is there anything more fundamental to the human condition?

    These both deserve further contemplation.

    Lady Nyo

  6. i especially love ~

    “corrupted power”

    it always seems to happen, doesn’t it?

    both very nicely written! ♥

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