Shadows of the Night

Every moon night
he walks the land,
wet foot prints appear
on the dry sea shore
until dawn approaches.
Over the same path
walks she,his shadow –
a growing shape
with each minute,
a sparkling beauty
with each etched line,
And she stands proud,
at the point he left,
morphed into music
she smiles to herself,
she sheds a wing,
and begins to play,
notes vibrate in air,
lifting her arms along,
and the wings spread
refracting the sun rays
and making tiny rainbows,
all over the sea ans sand.
The sun melts her along,
the music fades, she is gone.
Till next moon light,
when he will be born again
and bring to life,his love,
the shadow of night.

Inspired from the Image Prompt @ Writer’s Island

I swear am bewitched by this amazing image !! So much love this !!

Spread the love, spread the word ..

0 thoughts on “Shadows of the Night”

  1. your words are just as captivating as the picture. thank you for your lovely compliment on my blog post earlier. coming from you, i’m humbled. thanks again.

  2. A beautiful writing that I can visualize quite easily , images of lovers under the moonlight and all in the shadows of dreams , dreams relived only in the darkness of the night
    Thank you
    Ian aka Emu

  3. I find your poem fascinating…you totally, for me,
    found words that created a wonderful word image to go with the picture.
    As an artist, I looked at the image, and wondered how it could be interpreted…
    thank you for sharing your artful words.

    I am new to blogging, but not new to writing…my goal for the future is to be able to create word
    images as well as you do. Thank you very much.

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