0 thoughts on “Love and blood”

  1. Very strong words my friend ,I feel there is a lot of hurt , anger and bitterness contained in those simple words , I hope that the past is gone and the future has a new dawning

  2. Hey Nimue,
    I visit here almost every time you update. Dropping in a comment to say hi and tell you that you have a gift of playing with words. Kudos. 🙂


  3. This takes me back to my destructive days when I would etch my own skin. Memories laid bare. A painful reminder, poignantly written.

  4. Why is it the love-hate memory mix seems so excruciating when going through it. Nicely done. Can relate to your poem very much.

  5. one can say more with few words than endless words…

    your poem allows me to imagine and roam the infinite corridors of interpretation and wonder…

    and each time i read it i see another possibility, another way things may have been able to be worked out…i see endless endings, and yet still hope for something different…the photo is very effective in adding the depth, the finality to your few, yet forever words…


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