Ego talks

I would not cry “Eureka!” for this realization !
I know how much my ego weighs at times.
At wrong times, my inner voice adds !
Ok, So I decided I am not going to talk unless asked to;
So you wrote to him !
Hell, yes. and it felt so good.
Lovers ! tch tch, fools ! .
Errr.. Whatever !

Inspired by Alpha to Omega Challenge , Submitted to G-Man’s FridayFlash55

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0 thoughts on “Ego talks”

  1. Oh yeah Lady Nimue…
    Love Builds the Ego, love crushes the Ego!
    Your 55 was Splendid!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. lol! I loved this – of course if you won’t talk to someone, writing is still okay! 🙂 When emotions are high, it’s amazing what people will get up to.

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