Books , Music and Words – weekend shots

Last weekend Loot !!


Well last weekend was a package deal ! And such an amazing time !!

And it was also a beginning of another lost hobby – to write random lyrics in a notebook that always adorns the bedside. Here is the first set ( one of my mom’s favorite) in hindi –

This is the song my mom kind of gave as a lesson when we were of the age to have feelings for guys. My mother is a pretty cool lady. I remember her asking this question from time to time if I had a boyfriend or if I liked some one during college years. Here’s the song :

[ Its opening lines and the rest of it has one message – It is not possible for any human to leave all the world / his possessions for the sake of love. The song further says that what if you could not be together for life , isn’t it enough that your hearts were one once ! ]


Have a great weekend !

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  1. That song is so special …I’m sure you and your mother have a wonderful relationship and the words of the song have been embedded on your heart and soul forever. Thank you for sharing it….I wouldn’t have thought of writing lyrics without the music. Thanks again.

  2. A woman after my own heart. I have so many books and am always buying more before I can finish the ones I have. I , too, have taken to jotting down words, thoughts and such again. It really does help to give ideas and purpose to ones’ writing. Thank You!

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