Childhood Memory

From where i sit, i see two swings,
alternating movement, dangling free feet..

shading the view,the dark trees,
extending in all sides,like frame of movie..

my mind no longer,on words i hear,
but instead mapping,images to memory.

a summer afternoon,hot and humid,
of childhood friends,smiles and screams..

and soon my heart,is no longer with me,
for tonight it has found,the best moments to re live…


Written for One shot Wednesday

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0 thoughts on “Childhood Memory”

  1. Aaahhh… I get ’em too.. pangs of nostalgia… and isn’t it just lovely?!!??!?
    Enjoyed this poem, Nimue… it took me into another world altogether…
    (smiles and hugs)

  2. I love this poem, the nostalgia that builds and sweeps the speaker away. And the line “but instead mapping,images to memory” is gorgeous.


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