I Retreat

I let silence grow
on all my thoughts,
taking seed from nowhere
and spreading here and there..

I let words keep quiet
sit bound and tight
ready to spring when asked
to make for me a new mask.

I realize i need to move
away from the life’s groove
and settle in my loneliness
to create a bit more mess

I wish to be planted forever
blank sheets and songs together
making the perfect destination
to give life to my imagination.

So I retreat ..
into darkness thats me..
into shadows that play..
into places with no names…



Prompted @ Sunday Scribbling [ Next Step]

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0 thoughts on “I Retreat”

  1. What is it that you seek to hide?
    when you wear a mask
    of joy it is? or of the wounds
    that run deep and wide?

  2. I dont think there is any sadness here…it’s just a feeling…and i can sum it up in ur beautiful lines

    blank sheets and songs together

    lovely…not sad. dark is not sad alwaysz

  3. Nice one Nimue….i couldn’t help myself but read it at least five times. Wow, these words actually draw you towards themselves. And these words convey the feelings of every man and woman that they get at least once in their lifetime.

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