The she-demon was walking through the forest again. He,the dendrologist as people called him now;or the leaves reader as old ones referred to him,smiled as he sensed her close.  The tree fellers would fall.It was a time of rejoice, not panic. Finally justice would be done. He would again have lots of  friends to talk.


Inspired by alpha to Omega challenge , submitted to Friday flash 55

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0 thoughts on “Justice”

  1. Intriguing and needing me to know more , your words are coming from somewhere and are heading somewhere , I will keep looking to see where your story leads

  2. Lady Nimue…
    You are like a living spirit of poetry!
    Such a wonderfully creative mind.
    You are truely gifted, and we atruely blessed.
    Thank You for your support, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

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