Last night

The enforced silence was overwhelming.Words died with every image that nerve cells picked to transmit. Character by character the sentences jump off the brim of my patience. My skin burnt as i replayed the conversation in my mind.Till my eyes could take no more. Tears fell freely in my open palms. As much i tried to hold them, they slipped out f my hands and were soon lost,leaving the salt taste on my lips and the wetness on fingers. I sat so for a long time till the cool skin went numb from my own sense of rejection.Or was it just cruel ?  The night passed me. I failed the purpose of  night.

I really wished i could cry and tell all these to you ! But would you still care ?

Dedicated to some friends lost in time.

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  1. Friends are never LOST.. they are jsut there waiting to be called for .. the ones who dont respond were never a Friend in the first place …

  2. I can so so relate….sigh…wish somehow we never lost them….
    But then they aren’t really lost…memories stays…and these memories are what hurt as well….

    Beautifully penned sweetheart 🙂

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