Loss – A haibun

I miss some one I have never met. It does not mean I knew him not. He was the one who understood nothing of my culture but me for sure. We met in a poetry forum, me amazed at his bold writes and he surprised to see an “Indian” like them. It was a pleasure to break his myths about India each evening as he broadened my horizons of writing every night. words flew like boundless love from one country to another; from one heart to another. A dream to meet just once , a desire to hold his hands, a beleif in the boundless love between two people so different in every way.

And one day, he lost his son to suicide. He lost to life, And I lost my best friend and guide.

seasons change always
your words frozen in time wrap
I explore vaguely



Prompted @ Inspiration Monday &  Tuesday Tryut

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0 thoughts on “Loss – A haibun”

  1. Strange one of my friends is no longer writing, interacting or teaching me…and I don’t know why…you have a reason…which is a small comfort.

  2. Bikram’s response is mine: that is incredibly sad Lady N. But I like having the context as part of the haibun’s presentation. They work well together. So glad to see you at the tuesday Tryout.


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