Musical Memory#3 : Joy

joys of making bonds
with one who had none before
his smile said it all


Prompted @ Sensational Haiku Wednesday

This haiku was also inspired by the memory of my school days. The conductor of the school bus for my route did not have a family. On rakshabandhan he was all the more upset to see rakhis on almost all guys’ wrist. To cheer him up, i offered to tie him a rakhi which he readily accepted.  He heard the same set of songs daily with the first song being this –


I heard this so much that i could sing the whole song any time !!

God bless him wherever he is !

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  1. 🙂 smile…

    loved the song , though i hate rajesh khanna and what a coincidence all the bst songs of that decade were picturised on him …

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