Sifar [ Music & the band]

This is no review of the and songs. But a humble recco to all of you to check the songs and provide your inputs.

Right now, on the official page of the band , one will find three songs which can be palyed there [ plus the lyrics] and even downloaded.

I will start with the song I liked best : Main jaunga

[bandcamp track=3267137545 bgcol=3edaf9 linkcol=732f92 size=grande]

Loved the lyrics most , then the pace with which it starts , it really draws you into the track and you are soon lost into this . Not to mention that you can actually hum this one easily even after the song is over ! which am actually doing for these lines :

Mujhse yu kyun khafa hai tu
Kyun ye doori, kyun juda hai tu
Khokar apne dil ki ye aawazein
Apni manzil se fanaa hai tu


Roko Na mujhe

The song opens to a nice drum piece and immediately the singer picks up the pace a notch further. Pretty neat lyrics that hit you hard enough to be related to ! Loved the way the song fades, not ends.


I liked listening to this for the pace of the song. The guitar work in middle of the song is pretty cool ! Worth a check for sure !!


So go to the page now and hear these guys out !!

And do leave comments πŸ™‚

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