Song in my head

Very few days
when you wake up
with a song in your head,
blessed be the days
when you can smile
over a song in yourย  head.
reasons be unknown
for the joys bubbling
from the song in your head.
hum it first,then
sing it aloud to the world
the song in your head…


Dedicated to all my friends and readers here is the song i woke up humming in my head –ย  [ The song has english subtitles so you can watch]



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0 thoughts on “Song in my head”

  1. Munjane manjalli, mussanje thili thampalli. O olave neenelli .. this ws the song in my head and played it on loop as i woke up and got ready to battle out this week ..

    yes, music is good way to start ur week

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