I learned from You

To hear silence ,
to read between the lines
to paint images in head,
to make my tears smile.

To create new words
to discover real meaning
to break and make lines
to pamper the feelings.

To smell the dry flowers
to love the rains that fell
to re-discover such joys
to find my lost voice.

To know who I could be
to realize what I am worth
to feel the evolution within
to fear not what others think

To have one last test
to be convinced its for own best
to promise i will pass
to let you go and not fall.

To think of you every day
to imagine what would want
to live like you would like
to be me,your version of mine.

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0 thoughts on “I learned from You”

  1. you are always the one to hand your heart out and express your feelings through the poems, following footsteps, spreading love and helping the other out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. “To smell the dry flowers
    to love the rains that fell” these two lines next to each other are incredibly evocative. I could read them over and over.
    Super writing.

  3. Very strong images, Lady, and wonderful that you can convey them here. I am enjoying my visits and you changed the look of your site! I nearly thought I had come to the wrong place but it is very nice.

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