Just like me [Mera jaisa tu .. ]

The title “Mera jaisa tu” is a line from one of the songs i have been listening to a lot these daysΒ  .. And it translates to : “you are just like me”. And that made me wondering ..

They say opposites attract ! But is it not the similarities that bring two people close ??

what do you have to say about it ??

And below are the lines I wrote last night listening to the same song :

starting from the differences we have,

tracing the journey backwards

through the different views

you and me showed each other

from eyes of heart ,

and voices of soul;

i reach again the same place

where it all began,

from one word to another line,

from one silly comment

to hours of non sense talks,

to smiles , tears , pain and loss,

back to here, where I stand today,

alone yet loved, sad yet strong !

Here is the song if you want to hear :


Submitted to Thursday Poets rally week 49

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0 thoughts on “Just like me [Mera jaisa tu .. ]”

  1. is that not the best thing Alone BUT STRONG and LOVED .. I would not mind being at the spot anyday anytime to be strong and loved …

  2. I can feel the beauty and pain as I read the lines. The mixture of the two can make us strong. You are loved, yes!

    Similarities could make two people close; differences could make two people open πŸ™‚

  3. both are possible. however, it depends on whether you’re the adventurous kind or not. having said that, i think opposites provide more spice to a relationship.

  4. To be with someone too much like yourself would be maddening. The same faults and problems and no one could keep the balance. Too much sameness is often called … boring. To have differences and work through them is growth. To have differences and to respect the other person’s point of view without trying to change him/her allows the relationship to grow and bloom.
    Excellent poem. Made me think a bit.

  5. I wanted it to read ” you and I showed” rather than “you and me showed” because I’m a grammar freak – but I loved the poem, and it certainly captures the relationship in an evocative fashion!

  6. lovely post….. i like that question: They say opposites attract ! But is it not the similarities that bring two people close ??

    It’s so me post…. πŸ™‚ Cheers

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