unsent letters,
lie well hidden
in pockets of
my dreamy desire;
each day unfolds
with renewed hopes
of blessed day
inked in words
scribbled free
in your writing;
past treasure
yellowed gold
laced with
potent future
of being;
letters to link
hands to writing,
thoughts to HIM,
me to myself
or to all maybe…

Written for G-Man’s Friday Flash 55 ,

prompted @ Theme Thursday

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19 thoughts on “Letters”

  1. beautiful poem ..
    yes i got all the letters and cards and everything even on the hindsight it seems they were a bunch of lies what she wrote maybe wrtieng when in the arms of another man.. I dont know
    but still I got them all and i do read them sometimes thinking of what it could be

  2. And then some letters,
    Never cast into words,
    Never to be acknowledged
    Even in dreams

    Etched in the hidden walls
    of the innermost defenses
    Written with breath
    And the unconscious sigh..

    Always enfettered,
    Lest it unveils
    That which you hide,
    Not just from every one,
    But yourself too….

  3. Someone once told me.. :

    words are disappointment,
    culled into ink.
    can you capture in words
    The magic of that blink?

    You may use refinement
    examples plenty too
    But only your heart can know
    What that eye can do

    1. True, what you say
      and still i desire
      words to fill my senses,
      no matter if they prefer to hide..

      and to those unsaid
      unexpressed words I plead
      to let me into their folds,
      so their magic could free..

  4. Lady Nimue….
    You are such a creative genius.
    And you always add such class to the Friday Funfest.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

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