Like you,Love you not

nvr been such tym bfr that i lykd so many guys and love none of them .. Dunno wat to make out f ds realization !


I wrote this on twitter last night and happen to mention it to a friend too. This came up in discussion of me having a secret list (the names still are) of guys who i think are “almost perfect” for me. In a way that I would want my future partner to be like any of them [ major percent like them at least] . But marrying any of the guy in this list never crossed my mind. Maybe ’cause I was not searching a partner that time or maybe I feared being losing my friendship if I expressed such desire that time [ one of them is still an eligible bachelor ;)] , but bottom line is that I never had any such thought about these friends.And nor do I have today. Only thing that has changed is that I can probably tell the person concerned how much I like him and appreciate being knowing the person he is. I really am glad you people made it easy for me to decide what I like in a guy and what not. And if any of you think I am a nut case to have such ideas in my head , I want to ask , “did you not know before, I was hopeless!!” πŸ˜›

Thank you my friends.

Love each of you.


Spread the love, spread the word ..

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  1. Nothings weird in this…but I guess whoever reads this, will surely have a feeling that you might just probably be trying to avoid the eyes of a famous demon : Love. Maybe thats not true, but its surely seems like it. And for the fact that you have embarked upon the reality of what you feel, its good to express it, to people whom you like, because,

    1. They like it.
    2. You get the load off your heart.
    3. Its reality. You need to face it.


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