Music talks – Debut album views !

Here I am again with another music recco [ not review ok!] post ! So today I am to tell you of Nickk’s debut album by the same name [ in a stylish font 😉 ]

1. The guy is kinda cute ! at least in some pics 😀

2. He has a good voice ! very fresh to my ears !

and now about the songs –

I first checked Janasheen for the only reason that it had a video made too. Sweet romance number , opening might sound bit ok but as soon Nickk starts singing , you are pulled into his voice , lyrics and before you know you will be humming along janasheen ! Liked it .. it definitely set my mood for other songs and this post too 😉

PS : The video is good in parts but was a bit too much for me to handle ! frankly I think the vid could be lil more of sweet romantic moments , the cute type.. !! the song is too apt for all that 🙂

The second song I checked [ ’cause the title really attracted me ] and totally loved is “Jaane kyun

[bandcamp album=3975060763 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

I love the lyrics , like the slow , smooth pace , the way the song begins with simple music notes , then the vocal and the accompanying set of music all through out .. I liked it all .. for me, this is a sure buy from my side ! such a good one this is .. though sad of course !

Next is guzaarish – a rock song ! I can and will not tell much about this except that I survived it ! That itself will speak a lot since I NEVER listen/ tolerate rock ! This one was decent paced. Only the repetitive lines were in more rock feeling .. the chorus parts of the song sound good !

Next , Iqteza [ do not know the meaning of the word ] opened with some techno sort of music then some english lyrics and then the vocals begin !  I liked the lyrics frankly more than music of this one ..

Last on the page is Guzaarish Dance – almost in same genre of Iqteza ! But i found it better than the previous song. simple sweet song. Repeat to banta hai !!


That’s all from my side for now .. Please do hear / comment / buy the songs I talked about !

Spread the love, spread the word ..

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