O’ bangles of mine

Below is the translation of this hindi poemย ! This is a lady talking to her glass bangles [ glass bangles make the loveliest of sound and i so much like them ]. Thanks to Scribbla for asking me to translate !! Am lazy to do that unless asked ๐Ÿ˜‰

When clouds fill the sky,
you call them to your side,
but when they pour and pass,
you still create hue and cry !
why do you throw such tantrums
being such a dear friend
my secret keeper of dark nights,
your silence hurts so much.
a new color or be a new shape
your sweet voice remains the same,
you steal heart,when you talk
even before my love has asked.
he likes you the same i know
’causeย he always brings you home
and when not together,
you make me miss him so much more.


Hope it made sense !


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