Often he thinks

Often he thinks,
how she would remember him;
the voice that filled her
or the silence she talked,
the images on her laptop
or the blurred ones in heart,
the kiss of first meeting
or the awkward hug of last,
Will he find himself
Dissected on canvas sheets?
as she tries to paint the feelings
her words failed to express,
Will he be branded as the lava
that burnt into her defenses
and left her marked forever
without fear of consequence.
or will he deserve forgiveness
in the name of forgotten past
and be just a name to her
not even the way she called.
And he laughs loudly
at his desperate thoughts
that walked away to be forgotten
and now desire not to be lost.


This poem was inspired from the lines

“Will he find himself,

Dissected on canvas sheets?”

from a poem by MindlovesMisery .

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0 thoughts on “Often he thinks”

  1. This was amazing. I knew there was a prompt around somewhere about taking a line or two from someone else’s poem, but everyone used more classical poetry. I hope MindLoveMisery is completely blown away by the fact that your lines came off the blog! Quite a compliment. And what you did around it, the lava that burnt into his defenses… masterful! Amy

  2. This is a really beautiful piece, Lady, with passion, emotion and memory all in one. I am always impressed by your writing and even more so every time I visit your site.

  3. Powerfully, beautifully worded… Inspires poetic imagery. Reminds me of Me and my life… It is a strangely overwhelming positive feeling when someone else has written your story and you have not even met them before… Keep the ink flowing.

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