I live again

This is a duel poetry by me and ScribblingGal [ her lines in italics].

One dream at a time,
I walk holding hope’s hands
faith in myself a little more today
I seek yet again strange lands

Lands of the unknown
Where I seek the divine
Gushing out pure love
I faked smile of belief.

A smile – real or fake
is all one needs sometime
to melt a road block
on the path to a better being

Being which I lost
In the path of thorns
Hard rocks I still stumble
Wavering feets falter
And I wait for a glimpse

A glimpse of the promised future
a blurred image of a dream
let go once, held close today
a gift or a curse,who can say

Cursed I have always been
When I didn’t believe
I knitted the scattered pieces
For I was walking again

walking again, holding hope’s hands
walking straight into unknown lands
fake smiles do not cause you harm
head held high, i love the way I am

I again believed
I again Smiled
I again Loved
I lived well,again.

And from today , I invite any of you to write a reply poetry , or ask for a duel via emails , or suggest me lines . ideas for any post ! Any good challenge will be entertained and welcome here !

Spread the love, spread the word ..

0 thoughts on “I live again”

  1. No one can take away one’s hope, love & belief other except oneself. life is always being more about running & struggling to be perfect for someone else and hence we forget to be ourselves. And time comes beckoning and finally we accept that there is no such thing as being perfection., A part of us growing as a person & accepting our past and our weaknesses and have faith and move on.

  2. I so Loved writing this piece with you
    I wanted to write something but was short of inspiration and U provided me with the much needed impetus 🙂
    I love the positivism which flows from this completely piece 🙂
    And I am in for the dual poetry sessions anytime 🙂

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