thanks a lot Nisha for letting me use your pic.

marks of heritage,
culture and celebration,
I wear them on me
and carry them together
from today, I become
the bond between many,
the bearer of a family,
the love of some one’s life
the form of goddess like.
The floral pattern
that graces my feet
alike the path,
i wish it will be
into his heart and home
making it our abode,
ruled by colors of love
that marked me his
like the legacy
i am sworn to pass on…

This poem was inspired by the attached pic of Nisha

also submitted to dVerse: Poet’s Pub

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0 thoughts on “Marked”

  1. Love your image and words, Lady Nimue. I think your tradition is wonderful. As an artist I appreciate all types of traditions that are handed down. Makes me breathless.

  2. nice…i find this body art to be entrancing and you really bring it and its meaning to life in your words…

    thank you for the warm birthday wishes today….

  3. I like the radiance and beauty of your poem. Specially these lines:

    I become
    the bond between many,
    the bearer of a family,
    the love of some one’s life

  4. The poem seems to walk along with the image, directly down a life path that embraces us all, regardless of culture. Beautiful work, both the words and the body art.

  5. I love henna markings. I have a good friend from Nepal. She told me about the time, dedication and meditation of painting her hands. She always wore her feet and legs covered. I don’t know if she did her feet too. Always just for the festivals!
    Beautiful and beautifully written here. The older I get the more I understand the culture of “arranged marriages” – cruel as they may seem with the West who loves the idea of falling in love; learning to know and love someone that is approved by your family and your spouses probably makes a more stable culture and environment for children; for surely one does not marry a person, but an entire family.

    Thank you, Gay

  6. your words shine a beautiful light on the image that inspired them; they bare the true weight and promise of the marks. a lovely poem.

  7. LOVED the lines, girl!! They were rich in texture and meaning – just like the color henna leaves behind… just like the woman in question here…

    Oh.. and the title was simply AWESOME!! To it are attached a 1000 meanings indeed… and it just couldn’t have been any more perfect.. really!

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