“Portals and Jars” – II

This is In reply to Scribbla’s post : Sunday Picture Press: “Portals and Jars”

Shaun could not forget his experience on the canal. All evening he had stayed in his room – that’s all he was left to call home since his wife and kids left him. He had tried in vain to sleep in the night. For strange reason, he kept seeing the face of his dad – the one he had not seen in real since he would not have been born that time. As soon the first ray of the sun hit his room’s windows, he rushed to the same spot where he regained conciousness.

He only remembered Joey running away as soon as he opened his eyes and grass sticking to his wet clothes. He stood in the cold, looking nowhere as he put his hands inside his jacket. The pill ! The blue pill. He needed that to trigger the portal. Did he ? he mused to himslef. He did not realize he was walking on the same narrow path along the river and had suddenly stopped just where the bridge began. He started into the river, to find the refleactions making an “eye” contact with his foot but instead he saw only darkness. He could almost feel the darkness inviting him to step into it . He looked around to see if any early walkers were around. He heard them , heard the dogs bark, but he could not see any one. The darkness was seeping into his eyes and enveloping his nerves. Soon he felt one with the darkness ; spreading his arms he sucked in the air, or that’s what he thought.

“Hi Son.I knew you would be back”, he heard his dad say and he opned his eyes to find himslef in a brightly lit room.

I will really love to have some one [ specially Scribbla] write the next part !! Please !!

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  1. Cool! I enjoyed your response and am thrilled that you were inspired to write it. What I liked most about this piece is that you didn’t linger on the other side of the portal, but had the protag wake up from his experience there. Then making him return. Super!!!

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