To belong..

Kuch aisa bana mujhe tu apna ki begaani duniya se ho jaaun ..

[ Make me yours in a way that am alienated from the rest of the world.. ]

Wrote this line inspired by some text i got last evening. And as I sat and read it again, I had the following lines to add :

In search of him
I roam no where
but my heart
a dream
lives in the eyes
faceless being invades
the city of pleasures
and stabs me
with the wait;
to witness reality
however harsh it is
but mine to just live,
his to claim a right
and ours to shape it new.
living parallelly
to me,is his world
haunting my cold days
with darkness of the night;
creating monsters
out of the sweet nothings
we never could exchange ..

Prompted @ OSI , Sunday scribblings

submitted to Poets Rally week 50

Spread the love, spread the word ..

0 thoughts on “To belong..”

  1. Very Nice Poetry with an amazing Imagination
    Great Work of Creativity !! Highly Expressive !!

    It was indeed enjoyable after reading this one !!

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    some of my Haiku Collections

    and also, on my very recent Work as well

    !!! Happy Rally !!!
    Cheers !!

  2. “creating monsters out of the sweet nothings we never could exchange” Oh, to wake up to the longing of his touch. I know this feeling. This aching feeling. What a beautiful poem of longing!

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