anther thought ..

you drive me insane; actually you have managed to do this years back. now.. well now you just paint it a shade darker and damp.. dark enough to hit me hard and damp with the pain, i carry for days. it creeps me like some worm infested fruit that am forced to eat. no wonder it leaves a bad puking taste in the mouth. even the friendly consolations that its all in my head and not real, does not change the fact that it makes me inhuman. always like that to others trying to be close to me. will it drive you away is not a fear i live with , but a nightmare i wake up from each night…

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  1. I have been feeling blue lately, and realized that when things dont seem to work out we tend to think more about the past which was bad. ANd it turns into a viscous cycle. And then maybe we need to control it before it goes out of hand.

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