In dreams

stay hidden my love
he knows not you exist even –
did night know of sun ?

She closed her notebook and looked at the empty side of the bed. There was no trace of anyone ever being there but in her heart she knew, he had visited her last night. In her dreams, when she undressed, he had waited patiently as each mask was discarded and she stood naked in front of the mirror, admiring each part of her body that his eyes loved to drink. He did not have to hide himself – not in her dreams. He was always there , like master of that towering castle she lived in. Always following her thoughts with a knowing smile and sipping her words straight from her lips, he lived within her , his love flowed like blood through her heart, his desires burned her skin making it glow.With these ideas in her head, she held out her hand to the pillow on her side and felt moist lips kissing it.Sshe smiled, picked her cell and sent him a text :

“Let me into your dreams tonight,

I know they are not different than mine”

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  1. Powerfull!! Impressive!! πŸ™‚ Feel like stealing it πŸ˜›

    on a horseback ride
    with a raucous stream of dust
    forming a fog of history
    he leaves
    everything behind
    except “her” on his mind!!

    Like a symphony
    she plays!!
    Like a knight he rides
    all to meet his destiny!!

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