Life’s fountain

Across the walls,
the lined heaven’s halls,
I heard you laugh
over some silly talk.
Parting the waters,
busy in your chatter,
you stepped out in sun
among mortals one.


In the temple I prayed
to see you once again
not aware it might attract
your soul out of death pact.
Just when I wanted to call
and wished you would halt,
you smiled at me so nice
it filled me with a light.
speaking to me in my mind
you asked me to wait for time
when its right to meet again
at foot of life’s fountain.
Years I spent searching
in forests and clearing
for the fountain you meant
and realized now, its my death


Prompted @ Poets United , Also linked to DVerse Pub

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0 thoughts on “Life’s fountain”

  1. The twists and turns are like the play of a fountain, splashing, water blowing in all directions as the wind dictates, leading to the end of the journey where we find… Peace? Death? Completion? Lots of leeway for the reader to decide in this one.

  2. what an intriguing piece…can read this a couple of ways…but perhaps the lightest is that in dying to yourself you find life…maybe that is a bit deep but that is where i went…

  3. The fountain metaphor works well as if to echo those fountain memorials – an accompaniment to the 9.11 memorial, the fountains spraying bits of that ingredient that is basic to life itself, without which there is no life and in the mist, beyond that veil we find the answer, the next great adventure…perhaps.

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