Meaningful things

And I thought I could not live through the pain

of losing first the people,

better to death i said once in rage;

losing people and then the things

that reminded me of those gone,

that was bound to hurt,and a lot.

what would have held my tears better

But the void i feared did not hurt,

memories flooded it like warm blood,

pain was numbing , tears all dry,

words were lost and so was a part of me.

lost things never hurt more than people

there was no desperate attempts

to restore any of that , any time

the things i mean, not relations

as if you alone could make them work

the emptiness hardened the heart

more than the people who stepped over it..


This was a response to Tuesday Tryout : Poem on things meaningful to you . Last month my laptop got formatted by mistake and I lost all my poetry , music , movies , pictures and what all .. And that emptiness still lives in my heart but strangely , it did not hurt any day , I never thought about it until i read the prompt.

Also submitted to dVrse Poets pub

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0 thoughts on “Meaningful things”

  1. evocative write…those lost leave holes in our lives for sure…cold memories that catch us at odd times, even in their warmth…nice write…

  2. oh, wow, to lose all of that work and time – I would be devasted but what do us poets do when devasted but write poetry. good to see you are continuing on. Nicely expressed and I am sorry for your loss.

  3. Time and space and circumstance, is to blame for all the loss we come across.. and that’s how things go ahead .. wer heart can breathe in its own space a mind can see a new day …

  4. Hmmm Good .. Such people deserve the hardened heart.. as they will hurt us again ..

    people who have walked over well let them be .. what do they know what they are missing

  5. I wonder if your reaction to your loss, which is huge, is following the steps of grieving. I like the way you have structured the poem with the italicised asides, which can be read together. And, I like the comparison of loss of people to loss of things, as a measure of what is meaningful to you.


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