My mom is getting old

If I look backward till the time I can remember, I always seen my mom as a strong lady – more emotionally than physically. There are many an incidents I can recall where she showed her confident self to the world. My dad never had to bother of any household issue or event happening outside home with any of the kids ( and he still doesn’t ). Mom took care of all and everything. I particularly remember her going to a guy’s home and slapping him when he misbehaved with her friend’s daughter. To this date, very few people know of the incident but those who know, are still in awe of her. Or the one time when she walked all alone from my place to her friend’s house at 10 in night to be with her as her husband was admitted to the hospital. She took the role of care taker and protector with such ease that people in old neighborhoods still praise her to no end.

And when last weekend we went shopping, I saw her in new light. My mom was scared of the busy traffic , of the blaring horns and angry drivers. I did not realize first that she was left behind as i walked ahead. It was a minute later that i saw her across the road, a little confused and skeptical of crossing the road. I waited long but she did not seem to decide well. So I finally went back, held her hand and crossed the road with her.

Late in the night, I sat and wondered if it was a casual omission on my side to forget she was aging. My mom was getting old every year and I refused to notice ? Or did I not acknowledge the fact ! Whatever be it, It was a sad realization for a moment. I felt so protective suddenly and at the same time so helpless.

I just do not want to see her that scared again. ever !

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  1. Its true that we do not strongly keep track of our beloved mom and dad sometimes since we are engrossed in our own set of daily chores. Its high time even I took serious thinking about my mom, since our dad is no more on earth. Good article, ladyminue.

  2. Strength doesn’t mean as much as heart.If she has a full heart then your mom is still strong and vibrant even if she can’t decide when to cross, Love her help her and be there when she needs you that’s all you can do.Be grateful you have time with her and enjoy every moment.

  3. Time is so unrelenting — it’s sad to see the changes, suddenly, where you never noticed them before. (Although you don’t have to be old to be scared of some of the people out there driving and the way they behave.) Thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. Thank you for your thoughtful words on noticing your mother’s aging.
    It is easy to not notice til some event prompts us to notice.
    Very sad, but at the same time, she has much to offer you still.

    โ˜ฎ โ™ฅ Siggi
    in Downeast Maine

  5. Very good article!
    We always take our parents for granted and feel that they will hold our hand every time we stumble or fall, They will stand strong and firm behind our back, but when we leave their hand and ‘grow up’ we don’t realize that those are the ones who need our support more than we need their!

    I have a lump in throat now!!

  6. Your post will touch many people, it did me. I felt the same with both my parents as they grew older and now so many years later I can even see that my children showing their concern about me. However inside me is still a young man trying to impress the world. That is life.

  7. as the world turns, there comes the time when you would have to return the favor to the one who had held your hand and helped you cross the street before. well, your mother is very fortunate to have a daughter like you.

  8. Sorry about your mum. My mum has brain damage, she is in hospital and besides that she is having trouble getting around so they are thinking of putting her into a different home that can cope with her issues. It hurts me in my soul.

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