I miss – an etheree

now days
miss reading
all the wonderful
lines and ideas
floating around on web,
the games words play with people
and tricks of mind applied every where,
the way they entertain and enchant
and inspire my muse to soar high and bright


This Etheree has been inspired by dVerse Poets’ Pub @ http://dversepoets.com/

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0 thoughts on “I miss – an etheree”

  1. “now days” – I haven’t heard that expression in ages. It was always said by my family and my peers when I was young. We thought we were so modern. We started lots of sentences by saying “now days” things are different..blah, blah, blah. Ha. Then that “saying” waned. It’s found again, an old usage of mine, here in your poem. The entire piece made me smile. We’ve found one another in this group of poets working in “now days”. How great!

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