I surrender

your dreams approach me,
as i begin to relax in mine;
breaching my privacy,
baring my soul naked,
they tease my senses,
arouse my desire
untill i whisper
your name between sobs
of guilty pleasure,
like embers of my flesh
aglow in your gaze,
I surrender to you,
your need of me,
and mine of you …


Prompted @ 3WW

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0 thoughts on “I surrender”

  1. Beautiful & endearing, surrendering to love is an acceptance of your strength. I breach your privacy, my flesh pressed against the shades of your heart. I walk into your soul & find home.

  2. I was wordless when I read this last night…as this expressed many of what we feel when loneliness engulf us in one of those sleepless nostalgic nights….this was quite powerful and spoke so much that could only be felt….Really amazing work…

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