Seasonal ..

there is sadness
and then there it is not;
there is randomness
and yet it really is not;
you have no reason
but still you feel so lost;
you call it a season
when all you know feel so.

Well Its a season of festivals going on in my part of the world.. lot of colors , smiles , gifts and all things dazzling. and yet, i wrote this verse today evening as i sat alone. and I realize its a seasonal thing for me , this lonely feeling in middle of celebrations. I celebrate loneliness ’cause that’s who I am, who I will be and who is the strength of my life. Cheers !

And on that note, Wish you all a very happy diwali !!

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  1. I’m with you on this one. I love the sun and we didn’t get much this year and now Fall is already here with the cold, damp, wind. The Fall leaves are beautiful but I remain sad.

  2. It is very funny how we all relish the new season, then tire of it, and then long for the next season. Then, as the new season have long for arrives, we will paused just a moment or so to think of – and miss – the season that has just past. Then, we will relish the new season.

    This one has been very inspirational for me. Great post!


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