She and him : Story#1

All she could remember was the smile he had given her when they first met across the smoky screens. And of course the nick name – Tamanna ,meaning  desire. She loved  it as much as she was close to him. And now, she had finally left him long behind in her life. Was she really so away from him, she wondered as she looked at her reflection in the window.

With such thoughts still floating in her head,she left the bed and opened the window.It opened to the view of mountains, and she smiled at the knowledge that he would have loved the view. Then she turned her attention to other important tasks of the day –  setting up the kitchen, unpacking the boxes and filling her bedroom. Other rooms were already furnished and decorated as part of the deal she made with the previous owners.

Once all was done, she opened the bag full of his memories  – his diary where he first confessed his love for her , his favorite pillow that still carried scent of his tears, his box of candies and his favorite pink socks. Now that she had managed to have him dead and buried in the operation theater, or as others would say, he had sacrificed to let her live instead,she could be herself, not the forced himself ! She smiled. It was a tough decision for him. but they had made it through the transition.It was worthy to be one , rather than die accommodating two in the same body.He was happy too, she knew, wherever he chose to be.

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  1. Amazing with all the twist possible 🙂 … deep emotions here, sometimes we have to realize that person only want u just to love who u are no motives thats beautiful love. waiting for remaining part 🙂

    Be Blessed

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