Against all odds

This is for the month of November , the 30 poems for PAD , the milestone of 500 posts and for the December month challenge that I will host.


The odds are high
high as you make;
make if you really wish,
wish for undying desire;
desire to jettison fear –
fear of being left,
left unread or unheard;
unheard are the words
words that can not;
not mob their way out,
out on paper or text files;
files that find ways
ways to behave as they will;
will you still not write,
write your heart and mind ?


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0 thoughts on “Against all odds”

  1. A powerful question you have left us with. I think we all have fear as writers. The key is to not allow it to take over the sheer joy we get from writing. Easier said than done…

  2. I liked the way each line started with the last word of the previous one. It was as though confusion in the mind was helped by the prompt of the last word expressed. I think you may have encouraged more than one reader.

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