Paper Trail #novpad 4

Its an old odd habit
me , my mom, my dad too –
we keep fir years,
those warranty letters
of most things we posess.
And each year the papers grow,
in one corner or other;
no, never at one place –
that makes it wasy to find,
we leave them free,
to seek their own sweet place
in memories, in files
or at times below the mattress.
And randomly they appear,
during some cleaning,
or while you search them not,
or when I pretend it so..
They are milestones of joys –
of good times and celebrations,
and of times when without them,
we could be happy. Proves, we still can be.

Prompted @ November PAD Day#4

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0 thoughts on “Paper Trail #novpad 4”

  1. It is amazing how paper accumulates and I think the only thing one doesn’t need is all the remains of bills and such. I think ‘shredding day ‘ is near. But the cards from loved ones, letters…those I can’t seem to part with. Treasures just as you have me picture them from your words.

  2. Been there, done that but never so well as the poet expressed. I’ll use it as a reminder to get rid of warranties, etc. for products I no longer own

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