Poems for #novpad (day 6, 5)


Uncontrolled longing,
a minute more, some more words
no mystery.am addict

Prompted @ Haiku heights (Mystery) , November PAD # 6 (Addict)


Behind the smiles,
Reality spins a different tale,
On-lookers wonder, while
Keen eyes smile with understanding,
Enough stories live within stories,
No matter how long you keep silent.
Prompted @ November PAD # 5 –  For today’s prompt, write a broken poem. The poem can be specifically about something breaking or just include something (or someone for that matter) that’s broken. Get as creative as you want about interpreting what’s broken: cars, hearts, toys, spirits, codes, etc.

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  1. Oh, very well poemed – these broken links detectible only by those who care to see. Enough stories live within stories… – love it, so insightful.

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