Procrastination #novpad 1

Sunset and sunrise,
no longer trigger
the usual actions
in my day to day life ..
I sleep through sunrise
till its almost noon
Sunset I stare at
if work spares me
from meeting rooms..
Settled now,
in this crazy routine,
I curse myself
when I miss normalacy.
but none of this inspires
enough to search anew
a job that pays and tires not,
some place that allows
flexible working hours..
some day sure,
I shall step out of the box
till then, I be contend
with just writing this post …

Prompted @ Writer’s Digest November PAD !
also linked to OSI.

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  1. Hi Lady N. ~~ Your poem sucked me in. 🙂 At first I was thinking of retirement. I’m retired and retirement is like that. Except for the last part of looking for another entry into the rat race.
    So I’m supposing your poet writer is unemployed but looking for a better job than he/she had before.

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